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Target Audience

Primary care physicians, specialists, OB-GYNs, surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, nurse practitioners and other healthcare professionals interested in a deeper knowledge and understanding of the full continuum of cancer care including healthy survivorship.

Educational Objectives

This meeting will engage leading surgeons, scientists, primary care physicians, specialists and other healthcare professionals to understand the full continuum of care for cancer patients with emphasis on palliative care, care for the elderly and survivorship. Presentations on cardio oncology, radiosurgery, palliative care, gastric care, lung cancer, geriatric oncology, prostate cancer and breast cancers will be specifically addressed to equip staff to see cancer differently. Through the open discussion periods and the presentations, participants will have the opportunity to hear the pros and cons of each topic. They will gain a perspective of current oncology practices to integrate into their practices to improve patient experiences and cancer outcomes.




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