our care-a-vans

Started in 1994 with one van providing vaccinations, today over 15 Care-A-Vans provide more than 20,000 patient visits across the region.

This invaluable service sends specially equipped Care-A-Van units into local communities in and around Richmond and Hampton Roads. Clinicians provide vaccinations, screenings, and a wide-range of primary care. Many of the individuals served have no medical home, and all lack insurance. More than half of all patients do not speak English as a first language. 

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“I am a former educator and student-athlete with a degree from UVA [University of Virginia] and never would have imagined myself in financial straits, no health insurance and having major problems physically. Thanks to Anthony and your fine staff I met at Ginter Park UMC last Wednesday, I am in great hands. From the folks that handled my entry, the social worker, the nurses and then Dr. Buston, I felt blessed and supremely well taken care of. I have a repeat performance at New Bridge Baptist Church Wednesday and know I couldn’t be in better hands other than His own!”


“I didn’t know I had high blood pressure, but my head and leg hurt a lot. The day I came to the Care-A-Van for the first time, the nurse Griselda showed me to Dr. Buston immediately. The doctor explained to me what could happen to me with high blood pressure, and that I could die. He took time off his busy schedule to explain to me about my condition. My blood pressure was 190/160. The doctor gave me medicine and the next day I already feel better. That was November 2008. Now, I come to the Care-A-Van doctors much more frequently whenever I have pain. They gave me medicine for my leg and now I feel great. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart everything the Care-A-Van did for me. Not just anyone is willing to serve others, thank you. They have also helped my wife a lot with the mammogram and hospital bills.”


“I am grateful that I found out about the Care-A-Van. Don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t… I felt I was wasting away. I had no doctor, no medicine and I was sick. I could barely walk due to my rheumatoid arthritis. I was taking 80 Aleve a week for pain and it didn’t help. I even asked God to let me die. I thought I would overdose to end my life. My mother heard about Care-A-Van on the news on TV. She was so worried about me and she called me and told me to go. My brother brought me the first visit. I got a bus the second visit. It was a blessing and I thank God for my mom who saw the information about the Care-A-Van and for the doctors and staff on the van who helped me and gave me care and hope. I can better look after my five kids. I also have one grandson. I am feeling stronger and can walk better, although still unsteady. But I am getting better. The care has been very good for me. The Care-A-Van is a blessing to me. I don’t know what I would have done. Thank you for coming.” — 35-year-old patient