Bon Secours Hospice   

When a person faces the end of life, a journey begins. Bon Secours Hospice caregivers bring their knowledge, experience and compassion into individuals’ lives to walk with them, offer comfort and provide dignity all along the way.

meeting patient’s needs wherever they are
Bon Secours Hospice is rooted in the founding element of the Sisters of Bon Secours ministry, which began in 1824, when the Sisters went into homes to care for the sick and dying in Paris, France.

From patient care to respite for families to bereavement counseling for up to 13 months after a loved one’s death, Hospice and Palliative services go far beyond medical care. Donor support provides for a myriad of needs for our hospice patients and families, as Bon Secours never turns away anyone who requests these services.

how donors make a difference
The Amy and Charles Millhiser Hospice Fund supports the medical, practical and emotional needs of patients with advanced life-threatening illnesses so they may live out their remaining days with dignity and in comfort.  From supporting hospice caregivers in the home to providing durable medical equipment, this fund helps families with the loss of a loved one. 

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