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Here is the letter that appeared in the October 15, 2015 Richmond Times-Dispatch:

Guest house made hospitalization bearable

Editor, Times-Dispatch:

After many days of driving four hours to visit my sick son in the hospital, I was given the opportunity to move into the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House at Bon Secours’ St. Mary’s hospital in Richmond.

The transition from what I’d been going through (driving, losing my way, finding places to eat) to what I experienced at the guest house is beyond description. The people I met there were so kind, thoughtful, caring and supportive. They were willing to meet one’s every need.

We shared meals and feelings, cried on one another’s shoulders and received relief in a time of overwhelming stress.

Everyone went to all lengths to help me. My heart is filled with gratitude for the support that got me through a very stressful time.

Agnes Dalton.



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