Craig J. Kelly

President, Rappahannock General Hospital Foundation Inc.

Craig J. Kelly serves as president of the Rappahannock General Hospital Foundation Inc. Board of Directors. He worked for more than 40 years in the financial services industry primarily in the role as chief marketing officer. Kelly was also actively engaged in the early stages of the international launch of VISA debit and electronic banking especially related to ATMs.

He started his banking career in Connecticut and moved to Richmond, where he worked at Bank of Virginia for 14 years. Kelly relocated to Columbus, Ohio, to become CMO at BankOne where he also had responsibility for VISA debit, electronic banking and served on the Policy Committee. He returned to Richmond to join Crestar Bank as CMO with added responsibilities for call centers, electronic banking, debit cards, treasury management, customer quality and branch operations. When Crestar was acquired by SunTrust, Kelly was asked to relocate to SunTrust corporate headquarters in Atlanta where he was also given responsibility for credit cards. While at SunTrust, he served as a member of SunTrust’s Management Committee. He retired from SunTrust on June 1, 2008, and moved back to Virginia with his wife, Mary Charlotte Kelly. He has two stepchildren and five grandchildren.