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We designed the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House to blend into the landscape of the surrounding neighborhood. The 16 guest rooms, all with private baths, will provide families with their own personal retreats.

We’ve also included communal spaces throughout the house, inviting residents to share their experiences with other families. From the beautiful entry to the private reflection room, the Guest House will be a welcoming, comfortable space. Landscaping will enhance the outside façade.

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An Interview with Our Contractor: KBS
Bon Secours is pleased to partner with KBS, Inc. for the Guest House project. Founded in 1975, KBS is rated among the top 30 construction firms in the Mid-Atlantic region. KBS has worked on a number of other Bon Secours projects, and understands our mission and values.

John Gillenwater, vice president of business development for KBS, talks about the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House.

How do you envision the Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest House?

The design is very respectful of the neighborhood and it will fit in well in this part of Richmond. The entryway with its curved staircase and the landscape provide a welcoming feel. We’re excited to work with Bon Secours to create this comforting, healing place for patients’ families.

What interests you personally about the Guest House?

It’s nice to see the personal tie between the building and the Reinhart family, honoring Mrs. Reinhart’s legacy as a mother, nurse and volunteer. That made a big impression on me and on our team. We understand that we’re not just building this for a Bon Secours, but are building it for the Reinhart family and for the many other families who will stay there.

I grew up in Richmond and know the area well. To have a project at St. Mary’s Hospital, where both my children were born, is kind of neat, too. In fact, many of our employees live nearby and will see it very often. It’s very important to us to do a good job.

Why are KBS and Bon Secours a good team?

We’ve done a fair amount of work with Bon Secours over the years, both in Hampton Roads and in Richmond, and we work well together; this will be our largest project with Bon Secours to date.

We understand the quality Bon Secours looks for. Communication is critical, and the synergies between Bon Secours and KBS will play a vital role in making this a successful project.


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