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For the tiny baby in the NICU, whose breathing and heartbeat improve whenever she hears her mother's voice. For the grandfather battling cancer who smiles bravely whenever his wife enters the room. For the young man with an unexpected heart condition who feels energized hearing his brother talk about their favorite baseball team.

At critical moments, there is no greater gift than being near those we love.

These are moments of healing.

With the support of generous donors, Bon Secours keeps loved ones near. Because Bon Secours takes care of families, as well as patients, we began our ministry of hospitality at St. Mary's Hospital in 1997. We opened four small cottages for families of patients who were critically ill or undergoing major health issues.

Those cottages offer a clean, comfortable place to sleep near the hospital for a nominal fee. But as Bon Secours' programs and services have grown, often drawing patients from other parts of the country, we outgrew the cottage program.

The new Evelyn D. Reinhart Guest house will offer a respite to as many as 16 families. Their loved ones will be just a short walk away, as the Guest House program ensures that their needs - physical and spiritual - are covered.

The new house provides:

  • A reflection room for prayer, meditation and peaceful moments
  • A living room, porch and patio for relaxation and companionship
  • Kitchen facilities for nourishment, compassion and fellowship
  • A place for rest and renewal

Guests will have the companionship of other families going through similar experiences. Volunteers and community partners will stand by to answer questions, help locate necessary services and goods, and provide a sympathetic ear and a hand to hold.





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