Haitian mother and babyEvery baby deserves a healthy start.
Every mother ought to have a safe birth.

But today, mothers and infants face greater childbirth risks in Haiti than in any other place in the Western Hemisphere.

 You can help change that through the Haitian Health Care Ministry Fund (HHCMF) and its partnership with the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation. HHCMF’s matching grant program aims to train more qualified midwives and health care workers to make Haiti’s Central Plateau a safer place to come into the world.

Key programs
With HHCMF support, trained midwives care for Haitian women before and during labor, and the newborns receive follow-up pediatric care.

The HHCMF collaborates with an orphanage wellness program that services more than 150 children.

The HHCMF provides water filtration and oral rehydration kits, which include electrolytes to replenish minerals lost during illness.

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