Opportunities to Make a Difference:


Simulation-based training program

   $ 25,000

Educational Scholarships
(Fees, transportation and lodging
to attend educational conferences)

   $ 2,500

Compassion Scholarships
to support the treatment of one patient

   $ 1,000

Creating Program Excellence
Resources to assist two additional underserved populations

Provide information and technical assistance
to professionals caring for patients in areas
that lack forensic nursing services




Creating A Place of Comfort and Compassionate Expert Care




Forensic Nurse Examiner Program

The funding will be placed in an endowment for the support of the Forensic Nurse Examiner Program of St. Mary’s Hospital.


Forensic Nurse Examiner Program


Forensic Nurse Examiner Clinic


Clinic’s Receiving Area/Waiting Room

   $ 250,000

Clinic’s Front Nursing Office

      $ 150,000

Clinic’s Program Director’s Office

   $ 100,000

Clinic’s Children’s Interview Room

   $ 50,000
Clinic’s Exam Rooms (2)    $ 30,000 each


Equipment Needs

Equipment for a second private examination room
in the Forensic Nurse Examiner Clinic
(Colposcope and GYN Examination Table)

   $ 25,000

Photography Equipment for the Clinic
(SLR digital camera, close-up lens and flash kit)

      $ 2,500

Vital Signs Monitor for the Clinic
(Mobile vital signs monitor)

   $ 1,800


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