Second Career Nurse Gives Back

Kim MeyersWhen Kimberly Meyers went back to school after 23 years with US Airways, and with three teenage children, the journey was not always easy.

“Sometimes you stretch yourself,” Meyers said. “I still attended most school functions and cooked dinner. That didn’t fall by the wayside.”

Still, Meyers saw that some of her fellow students at the Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing (now the College of Nursing) had even bigger challenges.

“I saw a number of students struggling financially, just with everyday necessities. I could see it was really threatening to derail their progress,” she said. The experience prompted Meyers and her husband Dave to become donors to the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation in support of the College of Nursing.

“I thought, ‘I really would like to give a donation to put the money to good use for students who were struggling,’” she said.

Meyers knows first hand that the Bon Secours Memorial College of Nursing is an excellent investment.

Kim Meyers quote“The Bon Secours Memorial School of Nursing provided the best education. They had incredible instructors. I felt they were welcoming to older students and very inclusive,” Meyers said. “The longer I was there, the more I felt it was the right decision.”

Meyers, who graduated from nursing school in 2006, is now a liaison for Bon Secours Home Health. She said her move to Bon Secours and her journey to become a nurse have been positive for her whole family.

“I found a paper my daughter wrote her senior year. She wrote that she was so inspired that her mother went back to school. I was over 40, raising a family, up late at night,” said Meyers.

“She wrote, ‘All the times I struggled, I thought if she could do it, I could do it,’” she said.