Who We Are 

 “Whatever form our service takes,
all people should benefit without distinction of social situation, race or religion.
To this we dedicate ourselves with the simplicity, poverty, courage and cordiality
which embody our heritage.” 

- From the Constitutions of the Sisters of Bon Secours of Paris, 10 

Through the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation, you can partner with an organization that will respect the dignity of all people and will be an ethical and responsible steward in serving the Richmond community.

A message from Sister Anne Marie Mack, CBS

Imagine a world where children suffer less, families receive support in their time of need, and all people have access to medical care, regardless of their ability to pay.
You don’t have to imagine -- you can be a part of the vision.

A message from our Board Chairman

One thing seems abundantly clear: quality of health care in Richmond rests securely not on the expectation of some sacred bottom line or in the acceptance of the way things are, but in the sure hands of people who are willing to give back for the sake of a healthier place to live.

Bill Boinest


Touching more than 20 communities, the work of the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation helps to fulfill the mission of Bon Secours to give compassion and healing to those in need.

Find out how to join us by visiting our Donor Connect page or Ways to Give.

The Bon Secours Richmond Foundation Tax ID Number is 541201346.