Paula MahanMessage from our Chair


The mission of the Bon Secours Health System is “to bring compassion to health care and to provide good help to those in need.”   As a system of caregivers, Bon Secours commits itself to the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church.  The Bon Secours Healthcare Foundation supports the Bon Secours mission through its charitable, educational and fund raising efforts.

The Foundation recognizes that before anyone can be in a position to provide charitable support, they must first feel comfortable they have satisfied their own financial needs.

With this in mind, The Bon Secours Richmond Healthcare Foundation established the Professional Advisory Council in 2008.  The Council consists of volunteer professionals in the community, including attorneys, certified public accountants, trust officers, investment advisors, certified financial planners, certified financial consultants, and other professionals dedicated to supporting the Foundation’s charitable efforts and increasing community awareness of the Bon Secours mission to “bring good help to those in need’.

The Council’s professionals serve as a resource to the Foundation and are available to assist donors wishing to support the Foundation’s charitable mission through giving.  In this regard, our professionals can work with a donor and his or her professional advisors to assist them in achieving a Donor’s charitable goals while maintaining financial security.

The Council also works with the Foundation to inform the community about the benefits of charitable giving through seminars and educational materials.

We hope you will consider supporting the Bon Secours Richmond Healthcare Foundation.

Paula G. Mahan, CFP



There are numerous ways to give to the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation and no single method of giving is right for every individual or family. The Foundation wants to help donors make gifts that are consistent with their long-term financial interests. When making a gift, consideration must be given to individual circumstances, such as age at the time of the gift, level of income and assets, and future financial needs.

“Estate planning” means different things to different people. A good estate plan reflects the uniqueness of the person creating it. In its broadest sense, estate planning covers the process of accumulating, managing and distributing property over the course of a lifetime.

An organized approach to estate planning can bring order to what may otherwise be an overwhelming task. Focus your planning on four elements:

  • the people in your life,
  • the property you own,
  • your plans for the future, and
  • the person who will assist you in achieving your goals.

After giving due consideration to these elements, there is not time like the present to begin implementing your plan. With the help of your advisors, you can start today!

For these reasons, the Foundation and its professional advisors feel strongly about educating the community about the importance of estate and financial planning, which they seek to do through the conduct of planning seminars and development of education materials.