Volunteers Forever

Volunteers Forever is a unique planned giving program established especially for our volunteers.  Volunteers and their spouses are eligible for membership.  Just as the cumulative effort of the volunteers is a major contributor to the efficiency and service level at Bon Secours, so too is the cumulative effect of being a Volunteer Forever when your bequest is added to those of your fellow volunteers.

As a volunteer, you know the impact you have on those you serve.  You know the satisfaction that comes from helping others.  After all, it was your compassion for your fellow human beings that prompted you to volunteer in the first place.  And many volunteers would volunteer forever if they could.

That's what this Volunteers Forever program is all about.  When you are no longer able to physically perform the activities of a volunteer, you can still be a vital partner in volunteer activities by becoming a Volunteer Forever.  How?  By leaving a bequest to your Bon Secours hospital so that it can continue to serve the needs of the less fortunate forever.

First and foremost we encourage you to provide for your family and loved ones.  Then consider making a Volunteers Forever bequest from what is left.  No matter what this is, it will be received as a generous gift from a compassionate volunteer who wanted to leave something - no matter how big or small - to the hospital you served so well.

There is no minimum bequest, and the amount of each bequest is known only to you.  Some Volunteers Forever may want to leave a percentage of their estate to their hospital - 1% to their hospital; 99% to everybody else.  Others may want to leave a dollar amount.  Still others, jewelry or property or stock.  Any amount you choose will be gratefully received.  Your gift, no matter large or small, will be combined with those of other volunteers so that the collective impact can make a tremendous difference in the lives of many.

You choose how your gift will be used.  The many options can be found on this site.

To be a Volunteer Forever is a privelege that is available  to Bon Secours hospital volunteers and their spouses.  It is a unique group of people that wants to continue to do something to help others for as long as they can - even if it takes forever.

Here's how to become a member

  • Provide for your Bon Secours hospital in your Will, and note that your bequest is to be included in the Volunteers Forever Fund. 

  • If you do not have a Will, or do not want to incur the expense of revising it, you may execute a Letter of Intent.  Our Volunteers Forever brochure provides more information about the program and has a simple form that you may return to the Foundation so that we may recognize you.  Please do not hesitate to contact Sean O'Brien at (804) 287-7992 if you have any questions.

Please join this special legacy opportunity today.

Current Members

Ms. Suzanne P. Deppish
Ms. Barbara Day Eicher
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Featherstone
Joseph E.* and Pauline Field, Jr.
Mrs. Herbert H. (Anamae) Hill*
Mr. E. Payson Jones, III
Mr. J. Van R.* and Camila* Kelly, Sr.
Mr. Ray P. McCawley and Mr. William T. O’Bier
Mr. and Mrs.* Roger McDonald
Mary and Les McFadzen
Mrs. Paul A. Murphy*
Mrs. Nancy H. Nagle-Bolio
Mr. and Mrs. James L. (Jim and Bonnie) Pollock
Ms. Joan F. Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Reaves
Mrs. Mary Ann Sheehan
Alvina and Jay Spitzer, MD
Frank* and Mary Washbourne
Irving and Elsie* White


Spring 2009 Volunteers Forever Luncheon