Memorial & tribute gifts to the
Bon secours depaul health foundation  

The following gifts were made in memory of  

Tribute(s) for Jo & Bill Allen
M. C. Tyson and L. T. Tyson, Jr.

Tribute(s) for James Armstrong
Province Place of DePaul  

Tribute(s) for Capt. Francis W. Bacon 
Mrs. Kathryn A. Bacon

Tribute(s) for Judith & Grace Brinkley
Ms. Lori Norfleet  

Tribute(s) for Florence Burton
Ms. Eleanor Henderson
Mr. David K. Jeffrey
Ms. Katherine Kessler
Mr. Steven S. Lunsford
Ms. Sandra K. Purington
Ms. Kristi L. Shackleford
Ms. Julia S. Sochacki

Tribute(s) for John N. Diebel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Diebel    

Tribute(s) for Nancy Etheridge
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin C. Boylston
Mrs. B.G. Cottrell
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Duncan
Mr. Robert A. Fentress
Ms. Jennette M. Franklin
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Sam B. Parker
Mrs. Anne M. Ray
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Rentz
Ms. Betty O. Smythe
The Wolbrom Family
Dr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Woodson
Mr. Leigh S. Stewart, Jr. 

Tribute(s) for Octavia Johnson
Mrs. Norma T. Sarver

Tribute(s) for Percy W. & Madeline P. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Brinegar  

Tribute(s) for Roy Lawson
Mrs. Joan Jarrell  

Tribute(s) for Everlena Little
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor

Tribute(s) for Ms. Jacquilyn Longworth
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Longworth

Tribute(s) for Charlotte N. Maloney
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Branstetter
H B H Industrial Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis W. McManus, Jr.
Ms. Laura J. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Etheridge
Mr. Marc Wagner

Tribute(s) for Herman Mills
Mrs. Anita L. Scott  

Tribute(s) for Russell Patterson
Ms. Pearl Kelly  

Tribute(s) for Mr. J E. Prince, Jr.
Mr. William A. Prince  

Tribute(s) for Harvey P. Rawls
Dr. and Mrs. William E. Byrd

Tribute(s) for Reverend Bill Ruth
Ms. Robyn T. Ruth  

Tribute(s) for John Jay G. Torio
Mrs. Leticia G. Torio  

Tribute(s) for Ms. Beverly Wadsworth
Ms. Camelia Langley

The following gifts were made in honor of  

Tribute(s) for Dolcine & Pierre Family
Mr. Eric Dolcine

Tribute(s) for Dr. Christopher Sinesi & Staff
Mr. David E. Hill

Tribute(s) for Mrs. Cora L. Mills
Mrs. Anita L. Scott

Tribute(s) for Mr. Bobby Norris
Ms. Felicia Coker

Tribute(s) for ER, ICU, Cardiology, & Rehab Staff
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Rueckert

Tribute(s) for rescue and crisis personnel in Haiti
Mr. Joseph N. Sasser, Jr.

Tribute(s) for Rigaud Family in Haiti
Ms. Djuana Rigaud

 Tribute(s) for Volunteers
RBC Bank

Tribute(s) for Carlton & Reginald Wiggins
Mr. Volator D. Massenburg