memorial & tribute gifts to the
bon secours richmond health care foundation

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The following gifts were made in memory of  

Tribute(s) for Curtis H. Acker
Bon Secours Richmond Health System

Tribute(s) for Gladys B. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bennett and Ms. Bonnie Agee
Mr. and Mrs. Austin F. Reed
Mrs. Ruby M. Sewell and Family
Ms. Annie B. Agee
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Coggins
The Rosenberger Family
Gloria, Barbara, Linda, Ann, Tom and Mary

Tribute(s) for Evelyn J. Adams Sewell
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Elizabeth K. Ahern
Mr. Bernard Koneck 
Verizon Foundation

Tribute(s) for Alvin S. Akers
David D. Kympton

Tribute(s) for Karl L. Albus
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Steven N. Alexander
Ms. Anne C. Alexander
Mr. Randy A. Aube
Bailey Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest C. Bolt, Jr.
Mr. Paul J. Casalaspi
Mr. Donald M. Chalfant II
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Feldman
Ms. Sharon I. Fisher
GSB Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Henninger, Jr.
Ms. Susan Jaison and Mr. Jaison K. Kunju
Library of Virginia
Ms. Isabella Lunsford, P.A.
Ms. Susan Y. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Willis W. Pope
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Tracy, Jr. 
Ms. Lynn Carol Pannell
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Roberts

Tribute(s) for Angelo W. Alexandri
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Fleming
ICM Direct
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Natale
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ukrop

Tribute(s) for Darrell E. Alford
Mrs. Jean Alford
Mr. and Mrs. Worther J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Ted N. Georges
SAS Institute Inc.

Tribute(s) for Barbara Anderson
Mrs. Virginia K. DiLoreto

Tribute(s) for Junius M. Anderson
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for F. M. Archer
Thursday Volunteers at St. Mary's Hospital

Tribute(s) for Annie Harrison Atkins
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Deborah Barkley
Dr. Bob A. Archuleta and Dr. Felice M. Archuleta

Tribute(s) for Eva C. Barlow
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Richard H. Baskerville
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Miller

Tribute(s) for Michael Bass
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Charles L. Beall
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin D. Mills
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Thompson

Tribute(s) for Judith P. Bedner
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Bedner, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Childers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Davis
Mrs. Minerva M. Walters
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry W. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Ratliff

Tribute(s) for Raymond Belhumeur
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Armanious
Fiserv Corp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Flores
Ms. Catherine I. Wilkinson  

Tribute(s) forJoyce A. Bishop
Mr. David Benshoff
Metro Richmond ASA Umpires Association

Tribute(s) for Miriam N. Blackburn
Ms. Anne M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Whitmarsh, Jr. and Family

Tribute(s) for Ruth F. Bland
Mr. Rudolph J. Bland, Jr.

Tribute(s) for Frederic S. Bocock
Richmond Memorial Health Foundation

Tribute(s) for Richard A. Bode
The Randy Willis Charitable Fund

Tribute(s) for Silestine Booker
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Barbara J. Boxley
Mr. and Mrs. Howard H. Smith

Tribute(s) for Elsie M. Brackett
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Isaac M. Brandenburg
Ms. Helen Lindsey
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Sapp

Tribute(s) for Agnes A. Buehler
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Christeller  

Tribute(s) for Barbara M. Caplan
Mr. Percy B. Harding, Jr.
Mr. Gordon R. Hefner
Ms. Beth H. Tillack

Tribute(s) for Michael J. Carlton
Ms. Norma B. Carlton

Tribute(s) for Leroy Carter
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Lillian P. Carter
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Elizabeth Chance
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Marshall

Tribute(s) for Mildred R. Charles
Atlantic Speciality Lines, Inc.

Tribute(s) for Masako Ciola
Mrs. Susan E. Wettstone

Tribute(s) for Linda S. Clifton
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Horace R. Combs
Fairmount United Methodist Church Southard Bible Class
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Horner, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry T. Martin
Ms. Betty L. P. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart W. Taylor
Mr. Christopher L. Young

Tribute(s) for Susan B. Cook
Mr. Mike Wright and Ms. Lin Drury
Mr. Albert H. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. William D. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Wilson

Tribute(s) for Taylor P. Copping, Jr.
Ms. Shirley C. Copping
Mrs. Helen H. Taylor

Tribute(s) for Evelyn Covert
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Ruffin Creekmor
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Call III

Tribute(s) for George B. Crist
Ms. Ann C. Hodges
Dr. and Mrs. J. G. Maynard, Jr.
Ms. Jane M. Sheema  

Tribute(s) for Hilda B. Croxton
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Darling

Tribute(s) for Chris Cullather
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baber IV
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vogt

Tribute(s) for Jean Cullather
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baber IV
Ms. Charlotte G. Dawson

Tribute(s) for Raymond B. Daniels
Ms. Joyce B. Johnson

Tribute(s) for Timothy J. Dart
Mrs. Mary Ann Sheehan

Tribute(s) for Peggy Dawson
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for James M. Day
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Dorothy S. Dayton
Mr. John Winthrop Dayton

Tribute(s) for Francine Deeds
Mr. and Mrs. Herold R. Hofheimer 

Tribute(s) for Beverly Defazio
Tutto Buono, Inc-Defazio's

Tribute(s) for Thomas A. Dejarnette
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Charles "Chuck" E. DeNoon, Jr. 
ICM Direct





Tribute(s) for Welborn G. Dolvin, Jr.
Mr. Kenneth B. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McDaniel
Mr. W. Richmond McDaniel

Tribute(s) for Lillie M. Douglas
Mr. and Mrs. Marion E. Evans

Tribute(s) for Rolland P. Doyle
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for James C. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Engel
Mr. J. Carroll Irby
Mrs. Marjorie T. Landers
Mrs. Dolores Rinaldi
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Strickland

Tribute(s) for Sherwood D. Edwards
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Jeanne E. Ely
Bon Secours Richmond Health System  

Tribute(s) for Gloria A. Ender
The Canning Foundation Madison Dearborn Partners, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cooke
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Ender
Mr. and Mrs. Earl C. Ford
Mr. Timothy Hancock
Harper College Faculty Senate
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Kelley
Ms. Julie E. Kuehn
Mr. Wayne P. Leath
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Pfeiffer
Richmond Machinery
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Thorne

Tribute(s) for Henrietta B. Equils
Ms. Carrie J. Hassel and Ms. Peggy H. Ford
Ms. Virginia Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Payne, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gene M. Jarvis
Mrs. Karen Youmans

Tribute(s) for Nathan B. Evens
Mrs. Phyllis A. Hoffman
Ms. Rebecca E. Makdad
Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt B. Shaw, Jr.
Ms. Bette R. Wallerstein

Tribute(s) for Herman Felsher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Freed

Tribute(s) for Ruth E. Fernandez
Ms. Phyllis C. Angevine
Mr. and Mrs. G. Herbert Inge, Jr.
Ms. Eileen E. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Watkins

Tribute(s) for Joseph E. Field
Mrs. Pauline L. Field

Tribute(s) for Pamela S. Finer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Huster
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ingis
Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Kantrowitz
Mr. Edwin W. Schmierer V

Tribute(s) for Marjorie E. Fisher
Ms. Stacey Giles

Tribute(s) for Olympia C. Fleck
Mr. James W. Davis
Estate of Olympia C. Fleck

Tribute(s) for Paul Frye
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Karen Gainey
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Mark A. Gallaher
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Diehr

Tribute(s) for Dennis Garber
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Edith L. Goodwin
Ms. Barbara T. Beard
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Brown
Ms. Evelyn B. Caldwell
Ms. Brenda B. Coffey
Ms. Elizabeth S. Cooper
Mr. Thomas D. Goodwin, Jr.
Ms. Anne C. Gordon
Ms. Mildred E. Heindl
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Matt

Tribute(s) for Homer S. Graham
Mrs. Donna W. Carroll
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
Ms. Margaret P. Reichenberg

Tribute(s) for Leigh Gray
Mr. and Mrs. Wellington W. Cottrell, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry S. Liebert, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Woodard

Tribute(s) for Cecille F. Greenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greenberg

Tribute(s) for Meyer Greenberg
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Artz
Mr. Joseph Bornstein
Mr. and Mrs. Brian W. Broad
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Comess
Mr. Russell Finer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Greenberg
Ms. Ruth E. Gutherz
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Heltzer
Mr. and Mrs. William Barry Hofheimer
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Long
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Maistelman
Mr. and Mrs. Ted R. Metzger
Mr. and Mrs. Morton P. Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford B. Norman
Ms. Barbara R. Peskin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Rosenbaum
Mr. Waller R. Staples III
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest H. Stephenson, Jr.
Dr. Stanton J. Teitelman, D.D.S. 
T. Ruffin Johnson, Jr. Insurance
Women's Investment Club of Richmond 
Richmond Jewish Foundation

Tribute(s) for Ellen R. Greenhill
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Alex Grossman
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Grossman and Family

Tribute(s) for Charlene Hamblin
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Ruby

Tribute(s) for Ella K. Hancock
Ms. Jeanne Z. Koczara  

Tribute(s) for Doris P. Harlow
Ms. Ruby P. Carlton

Tribute(s) for Baxter Harrington
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Florence W. Harris
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Gladys E. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Robey
Ms. Joan Marie Springer

Tribute(s) for Pauline W. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Bidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Buchanan
Ms. Mildred Hardy and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Harris III
Ms. Rebecca Lenhart Jennings
Mr. Samuel A. Lacks, Jr.
Ms. Virginia F. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Mercier
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Pittman
Ms. Marion Schwenk
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Sprouse
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Waldrop
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Zapach

Tribute(s) for William Harrison, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton L. Showalter
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Sommers III

Tribute(s) for Rex M. Hart
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard J. Lawlor

Tribute(s) for Jule Healey
Ms. Michele A. Feiden
ICI Mutual Insurance Company
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel M. O'Brien
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Joseph Tarasovic

Tribute(s) for Ralph Heim
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Beard

Tribute(s) for Joyce S. Heit
Ms. Geneva B. Roane

Tribute(s) for Lily O. Herron
Dr. and Mrs. Charles I. Rosenbaum

Tribute(s) for Evelyn Hildebrant
Ms. Maureen P. Flattery

Tribute(s) for Bobby E. Hogge
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Marceline Hopkins
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Barbara G. Hubbard
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Dennis L. Huber
Sheryl and Jerry Benson

Tribute(s) for William G. Hueston
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Fennessey

Tribute(s) for Doris O. Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy V. Abbott
Ms. Debbie Blanchard
Ms. Marian L. Blanchard
Ms. Wendy Blanchard
Dublin Farms, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Elliott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Craig L. Purdy
Ms. Dorothy D. Ruch

Tribute(s) for Katherine Hurt
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Denton
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd B. Dowdy, Jr.
Mrs. Juanita K. Meacham
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Redding
Ms. Martha P. Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Whitley and Family

Tribute(s) for Willie H. Huskerson
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Francis A. Huzek
Mr. David Fritter
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn V. Holder
Mr. Robert S. Kinsey
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Klotz, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Mayes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Rainey
T. C. Bishop of Southpark Inc. Office
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Uzel and Theodore L. Durvin, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Walker
Ms. Debra Melton Willis

Tribute(s) for Mark W. Jackson
Ms. Rachel S. Shumate

Tribute(s) for Catherine C. James
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Jenness
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Martin
S.L. Nusbaum Realty Company

Tribute(s) for Paul Jeffrey
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Mary J. Johann
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Wilson III

Tribute(s) for Austin Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Vaughan Dunnavant
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Enroughty, Jr.
Ms. D. Jeanette Graham
Ms. Paula M. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce O. Klein
Mr. and Mrs. C. R. Morris
Ms. Mary W. Morris
Ms. Shirley R. Stalnaker

Tribute(s) for Harry Johnson
Ms. Kathryn I. Moore

Tribute(s) for Cora S. Jordan
Mr. L. Marvin Boyce
Ms. Cora Semmes Bryce
Ms. Helen Cox Bryce
Commonwealth Catholic Charities
Mrs. Essie B. Gordon
Ms. Alexander R. Jordan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Layne
Ms. Sheila A. Norris
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Sweeney
Coral Gables Chapter Dar

Tribute(s) for Everett Joseph Katz
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Virgie P. Kemmer
Mrs. Sandra L. Keplinger

Tribute(s) for Edwin L. Kendig
Ms. Susannah P. Morten

Tribute(s) for Eleanor P. Kirby
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Scanlon

Tribute(s) for Brittany S. Knapp
Mr. & Mrs. M Edward Mellott

Tribute(s) for Nancye E. Lashley
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Farrar

Tribute(s) for Betty J. Lawson
ICM Direct





Tribute(s) for James Leckie
Mr. and Mrs. D. Alan Reed

Tribute(s) for Lorraine Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad C. Long

Tribute(s) for Donald L. Lindsey
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Norma J. Link
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Janet Liso
Mr. Robert E. Liso

Tribute(s) for Damon J. Little
Ms. Brigitte R. Andrews
Reverend Patricia J. Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence E. Barnes
Mr. B. Harris Brewer
Ms. Adreda M. Brown
Reverend Helen F. Edwards
Mrs. Joyce J. Fox
Ms. Yvonne M. Hicks
Ms. Annavertia F. Howie
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Johnson
Ms. Phyllis T. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Alvin L. Moses
Mr. Samuel K. Roberts
Mrs. Joyce B. Robinson
Mr. Ronald L. Simms, Sr.
Mrs. Lila C. Tyler
Reverend Julie Vaughn
Mr. and Mrs. William Whitaker II
Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Winfree, Sr.

Tribute(s) for Connie E. Lockhart
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Lewis C. Loftin
Mr. Edward L. Loftin, Sr.

Tribute(s) for Joy Long
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad C. Long

Tribute(s) for Rowena S. Longan
Mr. & Mrs. David Owen Teague

Tribute(s) for Mary Lowrie
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Philip G. Luckhardt
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Stella L. Mangum
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Borkowski
Ms. Paige S. Brockwell
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Wagenaar
Ms. Susan P. Waldrop  

Tribute(s) for Claire L. Manning
Mr. Gene C. Wilkinson

Tribute(s) for Ervin Manning
Mr. Gene C. Wilkinson

Tribute(s) for Gwendolyn M. Marks
Mr. David D. Kympton

Tribute(s) for Mary E. Marsh
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Warren I. Martin, Sr.
Mr. Warren I. Martin, Jr.

Tribute(s) for Mark Massengill
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin V. Merz

Tribute(s) for Mary V. Matney
Ms. Rhonda S. Neal

Tribute(s) for Drewry J. Matthews
Ms. Carlene R. Harmeling

Tribute(s) for Gary Matthews
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Shirley Mauritsen
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Wayne R. McAfee
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Dianne P. McComas
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Shirley McFall
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Eleanor O. McGehee
Dr. and Mrs. Austin B. Harrelson

Tribute(s) for Ann M. McGrath
ICM Direct

Tirbute(s) for Charles R. McPeace
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Samuel A. Meador
Mr. and Mrs. Giuseppe Antognozzi
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Cauble
Mr. William A. Dodl
Mr. Edward A. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. David O. Holman
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward Hughes, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. R. E. Mattox
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Thweatt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Cedric W. Yates, Jr.

Tribute(s) for Jean R. Mellish
Mr. and Mrs. Lee J. Benson and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Moore and Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Plotz
PSCU Financial Services Board of Directors and Management
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Serlo
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Woods

Tribute(s) for Eugene Milam
Mrs. Estelle D. Milam and Mr. Tim Milam

Tirbute(s) for Cheryl Miller
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Mary B. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Potter
Ms. Reba G. Thompson

Tribute(s) for Kimberly L. Minor
Care e Publications/Care Publications

Tribute(s) for William G. Monell
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Armbruster

Tribute(s) for Herbert E. Moore
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Michael Morgan
The Morgan Family

Tribute(s) for Barbara B. Morris
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Garnett W. Mothershead
Elgin S. Perry, Ph.D.

Tribute(s) for Marjorie H. Murdoch
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Baker
Commonwealth Woman's Club
Mr. Charles Richard Hey
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin R. Huennekens
Northern Virginia Bankruptcy Bar Association
Ms. Jane H. Nuttall
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shaia, Jr.
Tavenner & Beran, PLC
The Honorable and Mrs. Douglas O. Tice, Jr.
United States Bankruptcy Court
Mr. and Mrs. N. E. West, Jr. 
Merck Partnership for Giving

Tribute(s) for Clara E. Napier
Mr. David D. Kympton

Tribute(s) for Carol Nostra
Mr. J. James Ahearne, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Allen DeBenedetti
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin W. Gordon
Ms. Hannah A. McSwain
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Monte

Tribute(s) for Lillian Olson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Gebhardt

Tribute(s) for James Overton
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Alfred L. Owens
Southern States Cooperative, Inc.

Tribute(s) for George L. Pace
Ms. Lucie Lancaster Ferguson

Tribute(s) for Anne Pappacoda
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Degenhardt
Ms. Lorraine J. Hoven
Ms. Patricia A. Iannone
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Marchitto
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rosen
Ms. Beverly L. Fisher

Tribute(s) for Elizabeth Parrish
Ms. Ruby P. Carlton

Tribute(s) for Marlene Pelham
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for John T. Phillips
Mr. Robert K. "Bob" Phillips

Tribute(s) for Margie B. Phillips
Ms. Elisha B. Barnes
Mrs. Georgieann Keene

Tribute(s) for Frances L. Pickels
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Branyon
Ms. Maggie Cannon
H. E. Satterwhite, Inc.
Ms. Selma S. Herweyer
Mr. William H. Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Lotts, Jr.
Richmond Electric Supply Co., Inc.

Tribute(s) for Sara J. Pitts
Mr. W. Paul Pitts

Tribute(s) for John N. Pool
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Bernard L. Pound
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Aylor
Mr. and Mrs. Yancey W. Ford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Johnson
OMicron Chapter Beta Sigma Phi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Postans, Jr.
Ms. Sarah R. Winfield
Mr. and Mrs. Meredith Winn
Mr. Ken Witzke

Tribute(s) for Charles Powell
ICM Direct 

Tribute(s) for Beverly G. Priddy
Liphart Steel Company, Inc

Tribute(s) for Jane E. Proffitt
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for John B. Rankin
Ms. Susannah P. Morten

Tribute(s) for Alex Rebehn
Dr. and Mrs. Velio Arthur Marsocci

Tribute(s) for Clara W. Register
Ms. Catherine Merz

Tribute(s) for Herbert Reimann
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Cashwell
Mr. Ingeborg De Galdos
Mr. and Mrs. Pierre H. Hawner
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie E. Houser
Mrs. Garriele D. Inge
International Club
Ms. Annegret Metzler
Ms. Dorothee E. Peabody
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Preisner
Ms. Ursula B. Sorensen
Ms. Ann S. Tilman
W. S. Logan, Inc.

Tribute(s) for Charlotte J. Reynolds
Dr. Bob A. Archuleta and Dr. Felice M. Archuleta
Century 21 Classic Real Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Hopkins
Lineaj Educational Inc. DBA Primrose School of Atlee Commons
Olivari and Associates, P. A.
Ms. Melissa L. Owens and Family
Ms. Karen Sparrow
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Wagner

Tribute(s) for Carlie Richardson
Women of the Moose

Tribute(s) for Samuel J. Rippon
Mr. John H. Baker, Jr.
Mr. Edward J. McCusker
Ms. Mary McDearmid
Mrs. Dorothy H. Rippon
Ms. Dorothy D. Ruch
Ms. Kimberly T. Swalley
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur B. Wiggins 

Tribute(s) for Alan L. Roth
Mr. and Mrs. Roy F. Cooke
Mr. James Marsh
Ms. Agnes V. Marsh
Mr. Robert T. Marsh
Ms. Carol A. Paradise
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Petrasy
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold W. Proskin

Tribute(s) for Dorothy M. Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis McWaters 

Tribute(s) for Mildred Samuels
Mr. David D. Kympton

Tribute(s) for Mortimer Schatzberg
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Eileen Schneble
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Johan A. Schuenemann
Mrs. Audrey L. Vetter

Tribute(s) for Gregorio G. Segura
Bon Secours Richmond Health System
Sisters of Bon Secours USA

Tribute(s) for Lucille H. Setzer
Mr. Robert Setzer

Tribute(s) for Chester L. Sheffer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn L. Hall

Tribute(s) for Henry E. Sheridan
Ms. Julia Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle R. Settle
Mr. Charles R. Long

Tribute(s) for Lila Shockley
Ms. Eleanor G. Houston

Tribute(s)for Alpha K. Short
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Call III

Tribute(s) for Harry Byrd Shrader
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for William Eugene Sickinger
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Doris C. Silverthorne
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Betty Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin V. Merz

Tribute(s) for Henderson N. Smith
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) forJames E. Smith
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Kay L. Smythe
Ms. Kathleen Wolthuis

Tribute(s) for Henry M. Snoddy
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Freddy Snowa, Jr.
J. W. Bastian Co., Inc.
Mechanical Contractors

Tribute(s) for Shirley A. Snyder
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Joseph M. Spry
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Timmy R. Stafford
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Carr
Mr. and Mrs. Larry M. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Kinley A. Comer
Custom Ornamental, Inc.
Ms. Katharine C. Digiulian
Mr. William J. Wallace III 
Ms. Donna S. Clark
Mr. Wayne B. Galleher
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Houston and Family
Ms. Carol E. Johnson

Tribute(s) for Glen Stearrett
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Tyler Stepanian
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan John Fitzpatrick

Tribute(s) for John A. Stern
Ms. Bette R. Wallerstein

Tribute(s) for Dorothy A. Stevens
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Gene M. Stinnett, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Brindley

Tribute(s) for Raymond E. Straus
Mrs. Phyllis A. Hoffman

Tribute(s) for Vernelle E. Street
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Rose L. Teufel
Mr. and Mrs. William Rodger
Mr. and Mrs. John Teufel, Jr.

Tribute(s) for Geneva E. Thompson
Mrs. Pauline L. Field
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy L. Garren
Mr. and Mrs. Lester J. McFadzen

Tribute(s) for John Ballard Thompson
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Kenneth W. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Brady
ICM Direct
Mrs. Arlyn Webber

Tribute(s) for Mary A. Thumm
Mr. William G. Thumm

Tribute(s) for Brenda L. Trent
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Rosella Vanderlinden
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad C. Long

Tribute(s) for Thelma L. Walker
Ms. Joan G. Hairfield 

Tribute(s) for Elizabeth D. Wall
ICM Direct

Tribute(s) for Barbara B. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Borgatta
Ms. Barbara M. Cotter and Mr. Antonio Masullo
Ms. Kathryn I. Moore
Virginia Nursery and Landscape Association

Tribute(s) for Louise E. Watson
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Tribute(s) for Gladys A. Weis
B & F Heating and Air Conditioning
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Dement, Sr.
Social Seniors of Eastern Henrico County

Tribute(s) for Linda Sue Welle
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Tribute(s) for Audrey Whorley
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Tribute(s) for Melvin E. Wiener
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. Helfert and Family
Ms. Carolyn L. Hollins
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Loan and Family
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde W. Randall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reece
Mr. Dale B. Waldrop

Tribute(s) for Charlie E. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin V. Merz 

Tribute(s) for Clara B. Wilbon
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Tribute(s) for Robert Wiley
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Tribute(s) for Bert A. Williams
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Tribute(s) for Hester L. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Art Schatz

Tribute(s) for James T. Williams
Ms. Nancy Lee Foley

Tribute(s) for Scarlett J. Williams
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Tribute(s) for James C. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Ellis

Tribute(s) for Kendall Wilmoth
Louise and Cliff Layne, Joan and winston Dandridge, Sherrie and Cliff Layne

Tribute(s) for Nellie Bea Winston
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Tribute(s) for Annie B. Witcher
The Exchange Group
The New Ways Networking Group

Tribute(s) for Nancy C. Witt
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Tribute(s) for Ada B. Wray
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M. Dunkum
Exit First Realty
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Galli
Mr. Earl H. Hastings and Family  

Tribute(s) for Thomas R. Yates
Ms. Wanda Boyd
Executive Women International Richmond Chapter
Mr. David B. Hall
Mr. Billy G. Jefferson, Jr.
Ms. Ann T. King
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Madison, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Patrick, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rithman
Rockingham Memorial Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. John K. Taylor
Ms. Tracey Wall
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Whitlock
Ms. Anita Haeberlin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Kuhn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Nelms
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Rohr
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Southward
Mr. and Mrs. John Wingfield
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Crosby, Jr.

Tribute(s) for James E. York. Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Charville
Mr. and Mrs. Tazewell Ellett III
Mr. Richard O. Gordon
Ms. Ellen R. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Jon A. Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Brent R. Tackett

Tribute(s) for Carolyn C. Young
Ms. Laura Baskerville 

Tribute(s) for Percell Young
Virginia Credit Union, Inc.
Ms. Regina S. Young

Tribute(s) for Trina C. Young
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Tribute(s) for Louise Zavorskas
Mr. and Mrs. T. Kevin Walsh

Tribute(s) for Ralph Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Marko
Ms. Teresa E. Zimmerman
Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lazara