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Imagine feeling sick or hurt with nowhere to go for help. Often, for those without insurance, this feeling keeps them away from the care they need or drives them to seek care in less appropriate venues, such as the Emergency Department.

But for Portsmouth residents lacking insurance, the Maryview Foundation Healthcare Center (MFHC) provides a bridge to healing and health. Begun in 2005, MFHC soon alleviated half of Maryview Medical Center’s non-emergency visits to the Emergency Department by our un-insured population.

Who receives help?

Today, MFHC sees about 600 patients each month. In fiscal year 2009, the center treated 8,790 patients and offered pharmaceutical assistance totaling $1.8 million.

Organizations within the city of Portsmouth such as Social Services, as well as homeless shelters, often refer patients. New patients also come from a referral to qualifying discharged patients from Maryview Medical Center, physician offices, community health centers, civic agencies and local churches.

“The foundation is invaluable to the community’s health and the staff are all concerned and care about individuals in need,” said Maureen Milnamow, a social worker with the Portsmouth Department of Social Services. “If we see someone who doesn’t have insurance and who is in need of medical care, we refer them to the Maryview Foundation… The Portsmouth community is lucky to have the kind of care available that the foundation provides. Our partnership has been productive and good for the health of the community and for the individuals within the community who are without health insurance.”

What services are offered?

In its five years of existence MFHC has greatly expanded its scope and services. Health care providers at the MFHC include a staff medical director, a staff nurse practitioner, and a variety of volunteer physicians in fields such as general practice, podiatry, ophthalmology, hematology and vascular surgery.

“We have a wonderful working relationship with several specialists,” said Vonda Raines, FNP-C, MFHC coordinator. “They are very generous with advice and guidance.”

The first Wednesday of each month MFHC holds an Every Woman’s Life Clinic for PAP tests, breast exams, colpo’s and follow-ups with mammograms. About 30 women attend these weekly clinics. 

The MFHC’s medication assistance program sees about 250 patients a month and distributes about 300-400 medications per month.