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Making Good Happen:
The Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center

Dr. Sherry Fox and her team help make miracles everyday. 

Here are just a few stories of the difference your gifts make in our patients' lives:


Mr M was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme. Immediately after his diagnosis he suffered a severe stroke that left him paralyzed on one side. Mrs. M., with no family or friends in the Richmond area except her elderly Mother, quit her job to care for her husband. Day in an day out for two years Mrs. M. cared for her husband alone only going out on for an hour to get groceries and occasionally going to church for an hour. With their savings depleted and Mrs. M experiencing extreme stress, the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center stepped in to pay for 8 hrs a week of respite care services for the family. On the first day of these services Mrs. M went to see her elderly Mother whom she had not seen in nearly two years. Mrs. M reports that they both hugged and cried for their entire time together. Generous donations to the Cullather Center make these critical services possible. A gift of only $20.00 would pay for an hour of respite care for a patient and family.

Mrs. L has a rare type of brain tumor located deep in her brain called an Ependymoma. Although the tumor is not malignant it causes her many emotional/psychological problems and therefore she is unable to work. Thus far she has been unable to obtain disability. Her husband, an electrician, has been laid off due to the poor economy. With bills piling up and no prospects for work the family is forced, several weeks before Christmas, to move into a one room motel room with their three school age children. Thanks to generous donations to the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center through funds like those from your contributions the family was moved to a home just days before Christmas with the rent paid in advance for three months and an opportunity to get back on their feet.   Even small donations add up and make a big difference in the lives of patients like Mrs. L and her family.

Mr. V. diagnosed with a low grade brain tumor nearly three years ago lost his livelihood as a long distance truck driver due to his diagnosis.   His wife, Mrs. V works as an aide in a nursing home. Due to a small disability check that Mr. V. receives and the small salary made by Mrs. V, the family doesn’t qualify for foodstamps or other services that could help them.  They struggle monthly to make ends meet and especially to buy food.  On a recent visit to the center, the young daughter of the family told me she was having a sleepover for her birthday and was very excited. On the side Mrs. V told me that unfortunately the sleepover wasn’t going to be possible because they had no money to provide any food for the additional child, they didn’t even have food for themselves. She explained that it had been quite sometime since they had had any meat in their diets because they were living off of donations from church foodbanks which typically do not provide meat. That very day the Cullather Center provided a gift card to the family for the purchase of food (especially meat!). Several days later Mrs. V. called me to tearfully tell me how they had purchased chicken with our gift and had made their daughter’s birthday wish to have a sleepover come true. A single donation of $50 or a small monthly gift of $50.00 to the Cullather Brain Tumor Quality of Life Center can provide much needed food for families living near poverty and with a life threatening illness!