Peace for the Body, Mind and Spirit

Amid stress, anxiety, fatigue and worry, Brenda Walridge has found serenity. For an hour and a half each Thursday afternoon, Brenda attends “Yoga During Cancer Treatment & Beyond” at the
Bon Secours Cancer Institute on the campus of St. Frances Medical Center. 

“The class helped me find inner peace when I had very little or no control over what was happening to my body. That meant so much to me,” Brenda said.

The Cancer CARE Fund pays for the instructor, Allison Mesnard. She begins each class with a centering exercise that includes an inspirational reading, then moves on to gentle warm-ups, stretching, a guided relaxation exercise, breathing practices, a period of meditation, and a final quote for inspiration. Alison incorporates alternative movements or accommodations to respect any limitations of the class members.

“The benefits include improved peace of mind and sense of well-being, relief from anxiety and depression, improved strength, balance, flexibility, breathing, better sleep patterns, and improved circulation to areas that are stiff from surgery or areas with neuropathy,” explained Allison, who is also a cancer survivor.

Finding serenity and control of the body during cancer treatment and recovery will keep Brenda coming back to yoga class every week. 

“It is always a priority to attend this class because I reap tremendous benefit from it each time,” she said.