Our Stories of Giving

The St. Francis Care Fund has helped countless patients return to wholeness.  Here are just a few examples:

  • A 26 year old female from Amelia County with no insurance. She has three young children and her husband had recently lost his job. They were forced to move in with her mother. The St. Francis Care Fund paid for 3 prescriptions as well as gas money to get the patient home.
  • A 59 year old male with a child, had a cardiac stent put in due to major blockage. At the same time his wife is being treated for spinal stenosis. As result neither of them are able to work and currently do not have health insurance. The St. Francis Care fund was able to cover the expense of his life saving cardiac medication so that the patient could recover safely.
  • A 63 year old female was being treated at the Cancer institute of Lymphedema and was on disability due to her medical condition. She is living on a fixed income, and has a multitude of   medical conditions requiring the care of multiple physicians and a long list of medications. The St. Francis care fund covered the cost of several compression garments which the patient needs to maintain circulation in her leg.
  • A 47 year old male patient was uninsured and unable to work due to cardiac issues.   His minor daughter lives with him and he is responsible for child support of another daughter. Although the patient would like to return to work when he is medically able, that is impossible at the present time. His doctor determined that at this point in time he was not a good surgical candidate as he is far too sick. Because of that, the doctor prescribed a special device called a “LifeVest”. This is an external defibrillator. He was also in need of numerous medications upon discharge. The approximate cost of everything totaled nearly $4,000.00. Thanks to the St. Francis Care Fund, funding to cover these expenses was provided upon discharge. The patient was discharged home safely with the Life Vest and the medications that were needed for continued care.  
  • Provided over $400 in medications and durable medical equipment to a 57-year-old grandmother who is raising 4 grandchildren (her daughter is in jail). Because of the children she is unable to work and only receives a small amount of assistance each month for the children.
  • Provided $880 for 10 days of IV antibiotic to 41-year-old male with 2 children. Patient who previously was a truck driver and “had never missed a day of work in his life” has not been able to work for 3 months after contracting Rocky Mountain spotted fever.
  • Provided $1,260 for 2 months rent (1 month in arrears) to a woman under going chemotherapy and radiation for Breast cancer. She has a 7-year-old child and a husband who is disabled and unable to work. The rent has helped her to catch up with her bills until she is able to find a job. This St. Francis Outpatient was referred to the Care Fund through the Every Woman’s Life Program at the Cancer Institute. This program assists women with covering the costs of cancer screenings if they are low income and unable to pay.
  • Provided $473 in medications to a former nurse who became unable to work due to multiple medical issues. She lost her house and her car. Her sister-in-law had taken her in giving her free room and board if she would clean the house and cook. Because the patient was too sick to provide this, Care Management arranged for other Community assistance.