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Midwifery training continues to be a major Foundation effort. Its importance has grown significantly since the January 2010 earthquake, in which the national midwifery school, and many of its students and faculty, perished. Our program is now the only functioning program in the country and thus is even more crucial to the health and well-being of Haitian women and their families.

HincheThe second common cause of death for Haitian women (close behind HIV) is childbirth. Maternal death rates are equivalent to 100 women in the Richmond area dying of childbirth each year and 500 children dying at birth. Our midwifery training program collaborates with the American-based Midwives for Haiti to train Haitian women as midwives and train Haitians as faculty, to develop sustainability. This past year, we received a generous grant from Bon Secours Health System to form more midwives for work throughout the Central Plateau, where many refugees from Port-au-Prince have fled.

Our goal for next year is to expand the program, train more midwives, connect them to delivery centers where possible, and create (a) opportunities for towns to acquire a midwife where feasible and (b) a system of mobile clinics where prenatal care can be delivered, high-risk situations identified, and women can get to the local birthing centers.

We encourage you to offer your generous support for, and ask your parish to support, a Haitian midwife through this program, thus making the difference of a lifetime and allowing the program to continue to meet markedly increasing demands at a critical time for Haitian women and children.


The Haitian Health Care Foundation and the Lascahobas Coalition, working in partnership with the Haitian government’s Ministry of Health and Zanmi Lasante, have provided this dental clinic, on-going support for which comes from many Virginia parishes twinning with the parishes around Lascahobas, as well as numerous American dentists and dental supply companies. The Lacolline dentist, Dr. Roody Beauboeuf, is facing a challenge from the thousands of people in the area who have never had access to dental care. We are dedicated to supporting his efforts. As the Haitian Minister of Health, Dr. Gabriel Thimothé said as he toured the new clinic, "Dental care is an often neglected area of health care.


This orphanage, founded in 2000 by Lefort Jean-Louis, is supported by the Maison Fortuné Orphanage Foundation, Inc. The HHCF has assisted the MFOF by providing support for the children’s health care needs in many ways, including donating vaccines and medications, doing health needs assessments, supporting an on-site clinic and developing accurate medical records systems. We have also collaborated with the Ministry of Health and Partners in Health in the development of a children’s medical clinic at the Hôpital Ste. Therese in Hinche. Your donations support additional vaccinations, medical supplies and adequate health care for the children, including many displaced by the earthquake.


Caritas/Hinche is responsible for the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic at Ste. Thérèse Hospital. The HHCF provides some support for its operation, including mobile clinic services to towns and villages of the Central Plateau.


Associate membership is offered to persons with interest in and ideas related to medical twinning projects in Haiti. Benefits for Associates include receiving minutes of Board meetings, regular updates on Foundation projects, and the opportunity to interface directly with our programs and help shape our mission.

Individuals interested in Associate membership may contact Kurt Elward, MD at