ministry of hospitality 

Few situations can strain a family’s emotional, financial and spiritual resources more than trying to receive quality medical care far from home.

At Bon Secours St. Mary’s Hospital, providing good help to those in need often means assisting family members, while caring for the patient.

In 1997, the Volunteers saw the need to provide comfort and care to the families of patients at St. Mary’s Hospital. They knew that patients would heal more quickly and effectively if their loved ones were nearby. However, they could see that sleepless nights in waiting rooms or on cots next to their loved ones takes its toll — someone needed to care for the caregivers.

So with the help of St. Mary’s gallant engineering staff, the Volunteers set forth to create little havens of comfort by transforming four houses on Maple Avenue owned by St. Mary’s Hospital.

Known as the Heltzer House, the Korn House, the Pawson House and the Volunteers’ House, these guest cottages offer a haven of comfort and support to the worried and weary families 

They are the cornerstone of this Bon Secours ministry of hospitality.

“On Nov. 29, 2010, my wife had major heart surgery followed by a lengthy hospital stay. After the surgery, the nurses of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit told me about the Guest Houses, where my dad, mother-in-law and I spent two weeks. The house was integral to my being able to spend so much time at the hospital with my wife. During her recovery, she knew I was there whenever she needed me.

“I believe all families caring for someone at the hospital should know about the Guest House. Being able to stay so close was very helpful for my family, and the accommodations were comfortable and private. The Guest House was a great place to recharge and it felt like home.” - Todd Pendleton, Richmond, Va.