Health Care Ministry Fund to Strengthen and Support Parish Health Care Efforts

The Haiti Health Care Ministry Fund of the Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation will serve as the core of support for diocesan and parish twinning initiatives in health care.

In this dynamic role in the diocese, the Haiti Health Care Ministry Fund will facilitate resources for parishes, as well as coordinate health care initiatives in the diocesan twinning parishes. The Haiti Health Care Ministry’s leadership met with Justin Myers, interim director and global ministry director and regional coordinator of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, in July 2014 to determine the best way the ministry can play an important role in larger twinning efforts.

As currently envisioned, the team will coordinate overall health care activities for the diocesan twinning programs. This will involve review of new projects, linking parishes on complementary projects and serving to create a vision for health care activity. It will serve as a resource for parishes involved in health care activities, either guiding them or linking them to facilitate their success in a support and advisory role.

One of the key issues for the ministry fund is the concept that it needs to be Haitian-led and directed in terms of goals and overall management. Thus, a key element of the ministry fund goal is to engage Caritas Hinche and the Diocese of Hinche in dialogue on health care initiatives, with the vision of allowing Caritas to take the lead on programs in Haiti. In the near future, it will participate and/orlead funding efforts with Caritas, DOH, Diocese of Richmond and twinned communities on innovative and sustainable health care projects.

Haiti Health Care Ministry Fund Support Team Role

  • To assist parishes with various types of resources in developing health care initiatives
  • To work closely with Caritas Hinche to support health care in the Diocese of Hinche
  • To provide informational memos on relevant topics
  • To maintain the Bon Secours Haiti Health Care Ministry Fund
  • To find other possible partnerships for parishes in both dioceses