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“The Haitian midwifery care that we support provides excellent pregnancy and early infant care, and can markedly improve the lives of a community’s women and their children – including saving their lives.” — Dr. Kurtis S. Elward

Dr. Kurtis S. Elward 

Midwife Training

Dr. William J. McAveney

Vice chair

Br. Cosmas Rubencamp, CFX


Ms. Cindy Bailey

Ms. Amanda L. Baird

Ms. Natalie Birindelli

Mr. Andrew Collier

Dr. Anne Knasel

Mr. Cary L. Loeser

Ms. JoAnn McCaffrey

Mr. Fritz Sassine

Mr. Marshall M. Slayton, Esq.

Ms. Diane Willson

Dr. Douglas F. Willson