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Since the founding of the Bon Secours mission nearly 200 years ago, compassionate end-of-life care remains a cornerstone of the ministry.

The Bon Secours Hospice program started in Richmond in 1982 when Amy Millhiser and her daughters Millie Heltzer and Claire Rosenbaum created an endowment fund. The lack of hospice care in our region was evident as Amy’s husband and Millie and Claire’s father was facing his end-of-life journey, and they wanted to change that. Since then, Bon Secours Hospice has provided compassionate care to patients and their families focusing on the whole being – body, mind and spirit.

Serving the entire Richmond metropolitan area, the Bon Secours Community Hospice House Center’s website is the area’s only freestanding hospice facility. It offers a homelike environment with 24/7 hospital-level care.

The volunteers and services offered through Bon Secours Hospice Pet Peace of Mind allow owners facing terminal illnesses to continue bonding with their pet through their final days; a bond that so often significantly enhances quality of life. Donor contributions go toward pet food, flea medication, other prescription medication, vet bills, and the resources to get pets readopted when necessary.

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