giving from the heart

The Edna S. Hopkins family is passionate about a lot of things. But community and family rise to the top of what matters most.

Brenda Eggleston and Dr. Kaminsky
Brenda Hopkins Eggleston and Dr. Brian Kaminsky share a smile at Memorial Regional Medical Center

That’s part of the reason three generations of this generous family work together to make an impact in their community. Brenda Hopkins Eggleston, her son David, and daughter Mary Butler started the Cecil R. and Edna S. Hopkins Family Foundation in memory of Brenda’s father and in honor of her mother.

Their foundation supports a diverse group of organizations. “We all have different interests, but we all agree when it comes to giving,” said Brenda, describing how her family members collaborate when it comes to funding organizations and causes. Mrs. Edna S. Hopkins recently made a generous gift to Memorial Regional Medical Center that will help purchase a new hightech system for cardiology patients.

Dr. Kaminsky
Dr. Brian Kaminsky looks at an image of the inside of the heart.

“The ILUMIEN™ system makes a big difference in caring for patients with heart blockages,” said cardiologist Dr. Brian Kaminsky. He has been using a system that is temporarily on loan from St. Jude Medical.

“It means we can see the inside of the heart with amazing detail,” said Kaminsky.

“We’ve had ultrasound technology for a long time, but looking through an ultrasound is like looking through a windshield on a rainy night compared to what we see with this machine.”

Commitment to Community

Cardiac disease touched Edna’s family almost 12 years ago, when her husband, Cecil Hopkins, died suddenly of a heart attack.

Brenda’s interest in health care began when she worked as a laboratory technician in her 20s.

Kamisnky Quote“I have always cared about health care, but find it much more important to me as I get older,” Brenda said with a laugh. “I like living – and I want good health care where I live.

“This hospital is in my community, and I like keeping things in Hanover,” said Brenda, a life-long Hanover resident who serves on Memorial Regional’s Community Advisory Board.

“Dr. Kaminsky is not only passionate about his work,” she said, “but he also has a sense of humor. And a little humor can be comforting to people when they are frightened.”

Something else that can bring comfort in a hospital is faith, said Brenda’s daughter, Mary Butler Eggleston. Her interest in science compelled her to join her mother in learning about Kaminsky’s work.

“I sense that Bon Secours’ faith-based approach brings another dimension to patient care,” said Mary Butler.


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