Women's Services

Bon Secours Health System is more than just hospitals. We're members of the community with a responsibility to serve our neighbors who may be in need. We offer or partner in numerous programs aimed at making children and their families healthier, happier people. At Bon Secours, our Mission is to provide compassionate, quality health care services to those in need, including the poor and dying, to ease human suffering, and bring people to wholeness in the midst of pain and loss.

Need a Mother’s Day gift for the woman who has everything? Want to memorialize your mother or grandmother? Wish to honor your neighbor or best friend? Please consider honoring the special lady in your life by donating to the Women’s Services Fund. The person(s) you honor or memorialize will receive a note from the Foundation to let her know of your gift, if you provide her contact information on the form below.

Multiple Ways to Give

• Credit Card Donation

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• Payroll/PTO Designated Donation

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• Payroll/PTO Unrestricted Donation

If you would like to make an unrestricted donation, please choose ‘other’ on the second page of the Payroll/PTO form and indicate the amount you wish to give. Unrestricted donations provide the opportunity for us to fund the most urgent needs.


Infant Car Seats for Low Income Families $55 per seat (need 60 = $3,300) 

Breast Pumps $350 per pump (need 6 = $2,100)

NICU Net Cameras $1500 each (need 4 = $6,000)

NICU net system $3000 (need 2 = $6,000)

Infant Scale and Cart $2000 (need 1 = $2,000)

Transcutaneous bilirubin meter $4500 (need 1 = $4,500)

Wireless Fetal Monitors $10,000 (need 6 = $60,000)

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This is a joint offering of the Bon Secours Richmond Foundation and the Bon Secours Hampton Roads Foundations.  Gifts will benefit both the Richmond and Hampton Roads communities. All donations are tax deductible.

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